Cross-border authentication with eID Mobile App using eIDAS infrastructure

Author: Elena Torroglosa

LEPS Consortium is developing a Mobile App which main objective is to offer mobile support for Greek Services to authenticate Spanish citizens, using the eIDAS infrastructure and the Spanish DNIe 3.0, when they access to Greek services. This Mobile ID app is part of the work done in the Activity 3.1. of the project led by University of Murcia (Spain), defined as Mobile Authentication, which will be outlined in the Deliverable 3.1. “Mobile ID app and its integration to results with the Industrial Partners”.

eIDAS & LEPS: Making ATHEX processes more efficient

European citizens often face barriers when using online tools and services. In a functional digital single market, there will be fewer barriers and more opportunities: it will enable people and businesses to trade and to innovate freely. They can do so legally, safely, securely and affordably, which in turn will make their lives easier.

However, the insufficient cross-border interoperability of national eIDs prevents citizens and businesses from benefitting fully from the digital single market. This is where eIDAS aims to.

Trusted identities: demanded by users and required by governments

Author: Javier Salazar. Digital Strategy Project Manager

CEF European funded project “Leveraging eID in the Private Sector” (a.k.a. LEPS) envision innovative private services (ATHEX, Correos, ELTA) to integrate with the eIDAS nodes, as a way to make trusted electronic services access available across Europe to any citizen.

How can eIDAS and LEPS help my business?

Authors: Juan Carlos Perez & José Crespo

If you handle Online Transactions in the European Market, the eIDAS is big news. The, European Union’s Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS) has been established to help the Digital Single Market for secure electronic commerce simplifying and standardizing the digital IDs and signatures across Europe.

What is eIDAS?

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