LEPS enable existing certified e-Delivery, e-Notifications and remote e-Signature services in the private sector to use the paneuropean elD infrastructure for cross-border electronic identification and authentication, while complying with elDAS specifications and rules.

Member states: Greece & Spain


Technical approach

  • A1. Project cordination: This activity is the foundation point for LEPS execution. The main objetive is to ensure the effective management of the project and the coordination within the Consortium.
  • A2. Business Requirements, Integration and Testing Planning: This activity will result in a complete technical design of the project operations, as well as in a methodology and a framework for testing the functionality of the elD infrastructure developed by the Action.
  • A3. Customization of Spanish Postal Services and Integration with cIDAS Infrastructure.
  • A4. Customization of Greek Financial Services and Integration with elDAS Infrastructure.
  • A5. Customization of Greek Post Electronic Services and Integration with elDAS Infrastructure.
  • A6. Testing of cross-border authentication and access to Correos electronic Services and to Hellenic (Financial and Post) electronic Services.
  • A7. Maximizing eID uptake in private sector, sustainability and roadmapping.