The University of Murcia (UMU) is a big-sized University with approximately 36.000 students and 3.500 staff members that is ubicated in south-eastern Spain. The Department of Communications and Information Engineering, belongs to the Faculty of Informatics, has a deep knowledge in identity management, security services, control access, domotics, inhome networking and smartcards developments. Indeed, UMU has been collaborating in different national and international research projects, and establishing collaborations with important international research institutions. In the area of security, UMU has a long history of projects related to identity management, federations and integration mechanisms.

UMU will promote and help in the promoting of the project uptake in private sector collaborating in the training activities and also based on the actual participation on projects like GN4-SG2 to present in different fora the project results.

Additionally to the possibility of working in cooperation with industrial partners and research centres very active on current research activities within this field and its application to security and trust services, it is expected to produce some articles to conferences and journal and specially to contribute to the new researchers in the area.

The project will help UMU to make its position stronger in the research community and create competencies for transfer of knowledge to industrial partners and SMEs. UMU will have the opportunity to incorporate new teaching material in master courses on security in our Faculty, coming from the knowledge being acquired by the project development. This will also serve to the consecution of Master and PhD thesis related to this field of research and also helps in creating new employment possibilities for students.

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