For more than 186 years, Hellenic Post – ELTA has been the leading Postal Operator in Greece, providing Universal Services through the most extensive retail network in the country with more than 700 retail outlets and more than 6.000 employees.

ELTA forms a prosperous Group of Companies which provides contemporary high quality postal services in affordable prices to all citizens throughout the country. ELTA Group of Companies consists of Hellenic Post-ELTA and the following subsidiaries:

  • ELTA Courier S.A. (courier services provider)
  • KEK ELTA S.A. (vocational training centre)

ELTA has extensive experience in planning, implementing and managing Community Programs, such as human resource management (conduct studies, planning, monitoring and implementing training actions), implementation of infrastructure projects, and reorganization projects.

ELTA is promoting advanced electronic services including e-delivery services and service that are offered by the ELTA portal Cross border authentication is crucial for the services that are offered by ELTA because it will make the ELTA service more user friendly to the foreign customers. The connection of the service to the Greek e-IDAS node is included in the ELTA operational program.

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