Online Service Providers (S)s), such as e-commerce retailers, financial institutions, telecom companies etc., must manage customers’ access to their ICT applications and databases and they need to do so as effectively as possible (at both levels, technical and economic). Traditionally, these SPs carry out local user identification processes, and very recently, they are increasingly refer to third-party Identity Providers, such as Social Networks and Internet mega-providers (Google, Microsoft etc.), for user authentication and service login. They now have the possibility of using the eIDAS Network to provide a more secure login option to their customers. This report and the accompanying tool may help SPs to understand and quantify the induced cost and the expected benefits from the use of eIDAS eID. The report includes a cost models for SPs aiming at integrating with the eIDAS Network. The model is used to gain insight into an SP’s present costs and to quantify the impact of these costs on the future benefits, Towards this, it introduces techniques known as Customer Lifetime Value Analysis (LTV) and applies them to quantify and assess the possible benefits and return on investment of a reference Service Provider (SP) who decides to offer eIDAS eID services in e-commerce transactions


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WP7. Maximizing eID uptake in private sector, sustainability and roadmapping
Report on Cost-benefit assessment