Atos is focused on business technology that powers progress and helps organisations to create their firm of the future. Serving a global client base, Atos delivers solutions and services, across five market sectors: Manufacturing, Retail & Services, Public Sector, Healthcare & Transports, Financial Services, Telecoms, Media & Technology, and Energy & Utilities. Atos has also a horizontal offering of solutions and services for four service lines: Atos Consulting & Technology Service, Systems Integration, Managed Services, and Hi-Tech Transactional Services & Specialized Businesses. The results of LEPS can be incorporated to improve the cross-border authentication capabilities of Atos’ customers. As soon as LEPS outcomes that can be exploited or commercialised are delivered and IPR and governance issues of the operation model are clearly established, Atos’ strategy as LEPS ' coordinator is to prepare marketing materials to present innovation results in a way that speaks to potential customers, taking advantage of the company’s sales force and using our established channels to reach customers. Atos will specifically target their financial and insurance customers, which are among the largest players in these economic domains in Spain. The outcomes of the project can be easily replicated for other customers of Atos Group companies operating across Europe.

Atos will be coordinating the project as well as leading the development of a sound business model and the establishment of a roadmap ensuring the sustainability of the integration of the private sector services with the eIDAS authentication ecosystem

Atos will also lead, in coordination with Correos, the connection of their online services with the Spanish PEPS/eIDAS-node operated by Spanish Ministry of the Finance and Public Administrations, MINHAP. Finally Atos will also participate in the elicitation of the exact authentication and authorization requirements that will drive the integration between the private sector services and the eID DSI.

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